Selling Points of LUM Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Combine with Modern Milling Concept

Based on the LM vertical mill, introduce modern ultra-fine vertical mill technology.

Intelligent Control

Equipped with Multiple Powder Separator,roller grinding and rolling device;

Large Grinding Equipment

It breaks the bottleneck of ultrafine powder processing capacity.


It is a professional equipment for the ultra-fine milling industry.

The LUM series ultra-fine vertical mill is a combination of Liming Heavy Industry's many years of experience in the development &manufacturing of various mills based on the LM series vertical mill and absorbing the related technologies of modern ultra-fine vertical mills.
It is a professional equipment for the ultra-fine milling industry that integrates ultra-fine grinding, classification and conveyer, Its technical indicators like technological parameters, mechanical properties and finished product powder quality can meet customer requirement sucessfully.

Performance Characteristics


Good finsished product quality

Adopting the principle of material layer grinding, The finished product has less repeated grinding , less iron content, high whiteness and clarity because material staying short time inside mill;
Special designing grinding curve of the roller sleeve and liner can get 650 meshes at one time, even to 3250 mesh by using


Stable equipment operation

Equipped with mechanical and electronic limit devices to avoid destructive impact and vibration;Adopt PLC/DCS automatic control roller grinding pressure control mode, the control is accurate, without manual operation;
Equipped with grinding roller lubrication station, it can fully lubricate and prevent excessive oil leakage.


Reliable powder selection technology

Adopting the principle of multiple powder selection, all rotors can be adjusted by frequency conversion, which can effectively separate coarse powder and fine powder, and the separation fineness can be as high as 2μm;
The equipment is energy-saving and the technology is reliable; the quality is stable and the reproducibility is high when producing many varieties.


Easy maintenance and environmental protection

The grinding roller does not directly contact with the mill stone, so it has less wear and long life;
With hydraulic roller turning-out device, the grinding roller can be turned out of the machine completely to ensure enough maintenance space, which replace and repair easy-wear parts easily in a short time;
Less vibration, lower noise, better overall sealing, no dust overflow;

Working Principle

LUM ultrafine vertical mill consists of motor, reducer, grinding rollers, millstone , pressure device, powder concentrator, main frame and oil station and so on.

The main motor drives the millstone to rotate through the reducer, and at the same time, the wind enters the grinder from the air inlet. The material falls through the screw feeder's discharge port and falls in the center of the millstone.When grinding the roller table area, it is crushed by the grinding roller, and the bulk material is crushed directly, and the fine-grained material is extruded to form a material bed for inter-particle crushing. The crushed material continues to move toward the edge of the millstone until it is taken away by the strong air flow at the wind ring, and the larger granular material falls back onto the millstone to continue crushing.
When the material in the air flow passes through the upper separator, the rotor Under the action of the blades, the coarse particles are returned to the millstone for grinding. Qualified fine powder is discharged with the air flow and collected by the system's powder collector. The collected powder is the product of the ultra-fine vertical grinding.When the iron and other debris mixed with the material move to the edge of the millstone with the material, they cannot be blown up by the wind due to their own weight.

Technical Parameter

Model LUM1125X LUM1232X LUM1436X
Intermediate diameter of the millstone(mm) 1100 1200 1400
Quantity of the rollers(piece) 3 3 3
Moisture of the feeding material <3% <3% <3%
Capacity(t/h) 5~14 7~16 9~18
Fineness(μm) Generally in 38-20μm, the finest can reach 2μm
Power of main motor(kw) 250 315 355--410
Power of multiple powder concentrator&quantity 15 KWx6 15 KWx8 18.5 KWx8

Finished Product Characteristics

High whiteness
Narrow particle size
Fine particle size
spherical shape



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