Processed Materials:

  • Anthracite


  • Lignite


  • Petroleum coke

    Petroleum coke

  • Bituminous coal

    Bituminous coal


It is widely used in power plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, steel plants and other industries that require pulverized coal fuel and desulfurized stone powder.

Capacity: 5-100T/H

Input size: <50mm

Performance Advantages

Simple and reliable operation:

Limit device for preventing the direct contact between grinding roller and grinding table, to avoid the severe vibration of the mill caused by the collision between roller and tables; With hydraulic roller turning-out device, the grinding roller can be turned out of the machine completely to ensure enough maintenance space,which replace and repair easy-wear parts easily in a short time.

High grinding efficiency:

High grinding efficiency and low energy consumption, saving 40% -50% power consumption compared to ball mill;Special structure design of grinding roller and grinding table, large diameter of grinding roller, large grinding area, hydraulic automatic pressure device.

Stable product quality:

The material stays in the mill only for 2-3 minutes, and pollution of the finished product is small;The chemical composition and fineness of the product can be quickly determined and corrected, and the quality is stable;The product has a narrow particle size distribution, uniform particle shape, and good fluidity.

Low overall investment cost:

It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying into one, with simple process flow and compact layout;Small footprint, can be arranged in the open air, low construction cost.

High degree of automation:

Energy efficient:Adopt fully automatic control system, can realize remote control, easy to operate.

Environmental protection:

The whole system is operated under negative pressure without dust overflow,and grinding roller grinding table does not directly contact during the grinding process, so the noise of whole system is low.

Easy maintenance and low operating cost:

Grinding roller bearings are lubricated with forced thin oil, longer bearing life;Using an independent oil station,and there is an automatic protection system for oil pressure and oil temperature, which makes the whole set of equipment safe and reliable;Use hydraulic control system to apply and control its force on materials and pressure can be adjusted automatically according to the change of the grindability of the material;The roller sleeve and table lining are made of special materials and have a long service life.


Working Principle

The main motor drives the grinding table to rotate through the reducer, and at the same time, the wind enters the mill from the air inlet. The material falls through the screw feeder's discharge port and falls in the center of the grinding table. When grinding the roller table area, it is crushed by the grinding roller, and the bulk material is crushed directly, and the fine-grained material is extruded to form a material bed for inter-particle crushing. The crushed materials continue to move toward the edge of the grinding table until they are taken away by the strong air flow at the wind ring, and the larger granular materials fall back onto the grinding table to continue crushing. Under the action of the blade, the coarse particles are returned to the grinding table for grinding. Qualified fine powder is discharged with the air flow and collected by the system's powder collector. The collected powder is the product of the ultra-fine vertical grinding. When the iron and other debris mixed with the material move to the edge of the grinding table with the material, they cannot be blown up by the wind due to their own weight.


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Thank you for your interest in Our Industrial Grinding Mill. If you want to get help immediately, please chat online now. At the same time, you can also fill in your requirements, we will reply you in 24hours.



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